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Will Smith tries an Australian meat pie, wonders why it has be so scalding hot


You know Will Smith is rather good at Instagram, but you might not know he’s doing the vlog thing now.

In his latest video, which covers his recent fun-looking trip to Australia, Smith reviews the Australian meat pie (1:10 in the video) — a national icon and a source of criticism when Americans don’t eat it correctly.

Fortunately, Smith eats the Four ‘N Twenty pie properly with some guidance (with your hands, always) and seems to be a fan, but wonders why Aussies always scald their mouths while eating it.

“It’s really, really good. But why don’t y’all wait until it gets cool?” Smith asks.  Read more…

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Joss Whedon “didn’t have a story” for ‘Batgirl’ — but these women sure do


Joss Whedon told Hollywood Reporter that he was stepping down as the writer/director of DC’s upcoming Batgirl movie because he “really didn’t have a story” to tell with it. 

But you know who does have lots and lots of Batgirl stories to tell? Uh… women. Who were girls once. And have experience with that kinda thing.

Whedon had been struggling to come up with a story that could stand up to the kind of empowerment narrative embedded into Wonder Woman. Then Wonder Woman actually came out, turned into a cultural phenomenon, and earned the biggest box office and critical praise for DC. 

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No, Kylie Jenner didn’t wipe out $1.3 billion of Snap’s market value


On Thursday, the business news site Bloomberg published a story under a shocking headline: “In one tweet, Kylie Jenner wiped out $1.3 billion of Snap’s market value.”

The story was pegged to a 7 percent decline in Snap Inc.’s stock price, and it would have you believe that one tweet — just 88 characters — was able to destroy a significant portion of the company’s market valuation.

For reference, here’s the tweet in question:

sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.

— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) February 21, 2018

Yes, Kylie Jenner, the 20-year-old reality TV star, is one of the most popular Snapchat users. And yes, the Kardashian family is incredibly powerful. But let’s not crown Kylie the queen of Snap’s stock decline despite how fun this image is: Read more…

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Amazon may open six new Amazon Go stores this year


The first Amazon Go store opened just a month ago,  but the franchise’s next steps may already be in the works. 

Amazon could open as many as six new Amazon Go stores this year, reports Recode, citing “people familiar with the company’s plans.” 

The stores will likely open in at least Seattle and Los Angeles — it was unclear to Recode’s sources whether the stores will open in any other cities this year. 

The company has reportedly identified at least three locations around Seattle for stores. In Los Angeles, the company is considering bringing a Go store to famed outdoor mall The Grove.  Read more…

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Nike’s springtastic new running shoe might actually make you want to exercise


Mere seconds before I leaped into a giant, 20-foot-long pit filled with colorful foam blocks, I realized I’d made a huge mistake.

It was late January, and Nike had invited a handful of writers, bloggers, and influencers to a warehouse in Lower Manhattan to witness the debut of the company’s new flagship running shoe, the Nike Epic React. Those shoes, which go on sale on Thursday January 22, are billed as the lightest and softest shoe the company’s ever produced. 

To show off their product, Nike had set up an elaborate obstacle course for me and my fellow content compatriots. We were split into four teams of about 10 or so people each, and we rotated through 10-minute sessions at four different stations to rack up points for every completed task. Read more…

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The most massive black holes on record were just discovered 3.5 billion light-years away



These ‘ultramassive’ black holes defy astronomers’ assumptions about the relationship between the sizes of black holes and their host galaxies. Read more…

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